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  1. I set up a nice excel file that takes me out through 65 to be sure I have enough saved to start using 4% withdrawal of nest egg + social + pension to be sure I’ll have enough in present dollars to live a similar lifestyle. So far I’m on track but the next 20 years are just as important!

    • Roger Wohlner says

      Thanks for the comment. Sounds like a pretty useful spreadsheet and also sounds like you are doing the right things as far as tracking your progress towards retirement.

  2. I am young, but I feel like the biggest part of planning for retirement is actually having a plan. I am like Darwin’s Money where I have a spreadsheet with estimates of gains, contributions, etc. and can really plan ahead for retirement even though it may be light years away.

    • Roger Wohlner says

      Jake thanks for your comment. I agree that having a plan and tracking where you are are two key elements in being successful at saving for retirement.

  3. Great breakdown Roger. Like he other’s I have an excel spreadsheet tracking what I am doing and have that aligned with our investment plan. I find that having that plan, and actually putting meat on the bones of it, really does help keep us focused and active in our investment goals.

    • Roger Wohlner says

      Thanks John. The fact that you are tracking your progress and working to a plan are both great steps on your eventual journey to retirement.

  4. This is a good way to get your finances together and figure out how much ground you need to make up. Especially when you factor in your Social Security benefits do you realize how much extra you will need to meet your goals. The other great thing about this approach too is that it makes you aware of when each of these various funds will become available – that is really important especially if you plan to retire early.

    • Roger Wohlner says

      Like anything, retirement is a journey and if you don’t know where you stand at any point in time you likely will never know if and when you’ve arrived at your goal.

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