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Services for Retirement Plan Sponsors


Retirement plan sponsors have an enormous responsibility in providing an excellent retirement plan for their employees.  Plan sponsors have always had a Fiduciary responsibility to the participants; those responsibilities have now come to the forefront via a number of new regulations surrounding various disclosures.  Besides the Fiduciary issues, a top-notch retirement plan can be an excellent vehicle to attract and retain the best employees for your organization.  Plan sponsors you need a strong, experienced partner to help you meet your responsibilities and to help you offer a plan that provides a solid retirement savings vehicle for your employees.  We can serve as that partner.

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As fee-only advisors and investment consultants who accept no compensation (hard or soft dollar) from any source other then the fees we charge our clients, we are positioned to assist you in fulfilling your responsibilities and duties to your plan participants.  We offer advice on Defined Contribution Plans such as the 401(k) and 403(b), as well as for Defined Benefit Pension Plans.  Our services include both one-time consulting and ongoing advice.

One-Time Consulting Services 

  • Analysis and review of plan investments.
  • Investment Policy Statement review and/or development.
  • Analysis of the plan’s fees and expenses.
  • Plan vendor review and selection.  This can include the development of an RFP and participation in the selection process to the extent required by your organization.

Note any or all of these services can be packed or combined together as required to meet your organization’s needs.

On-Going Advice and Investment Consulting Services

  • Analysis of mutual fund (investment manager) performance against appropriate benchmarks.
  • Asset allocation studies as required addressing possible inclusion of new asset classes.
  • Development of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Quarterly mutual fund (investment manager) performance reporting and periodic client meetings providing analysis of the retained mutual funds.
  • Recommendations, where appropriate, with regard to retained mutual funds (investment managers) that do not meet IPS guidelines.
  • Annual review of costs associated with the management of the portfolio, to include fees for mutual funds, custody and administration, and other plan service providers.
  • Mutual fund (investment manager) searches as required replacing existing mutual funds or retaining mutual funds for new asset classes (included in fee, regardless of number of searches).
  • Fiduciary educational programs.
  • On-call consulting, as needed.
Please feel free to contact us for more information at 847-506-9827 or via the contact form below.