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Services for foundations and endowments


We work with your organization’s Investment Committee to design and implement an investment approach that fits with your organization’s annual withdrawal needs and your organization’s values.  We work as an extension of the Investment Committee and help you meet your stewardship and fiduciary obligations to the various stakeholders you serve.  Successfully balancing portfolio risk and return has always been a challenge.  Especially in today’s dynamic market environment you need an experienced partner in this endeavor.  Our experience can provide your organization with a sense of perspective in these volatile times.

Among the services we provide:

  •  Analysis of total portfolio performance against a customized investment benchmark.
  •  Analysis of the performance of existing money managers against appropriate peer group and market benchmarks.
  •  Revision of development of an Investment Policy Statement as needed.
  •  Asset allocation studies as required addressing possible inclusion of new asset classes.
  •  Annual review of the Investment Policy Statement to address any desired changes.
  • Quarterly portfolio performance report and client meeting providing analysis of both the total portfolio and retained money managers/mutual funds against peer group and market benchmarks.
  • Annual review of all costs associated with the management of the portfolio, to include fees for money managers/mutual funds, the portfolio custodian and investment transactions.
  • Presentations to the Board if and when appropriate.
  • Mutual fund/money manager searches as required to replace existing money managers or retaining money managers for new asset classes. (Included in fee regardless of number).
  • Fiduciary educational programs.
  • On-call consulting, as needed.
Please feel free to contact us for more information at 847-506-9827 or via the contact form below.