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  1. Good overview of saving for retirement. We have always maximized our 401(k) and Roth IRA contributions. We have saved even more into taxable investments. We are on track to retire in 9 years needing to withdraw only 2.8% per year. We want our portfolio to last at least 45 years, as my wife will be only 49 when we retire.

    • Roger Wohlner says

      Bryce thanks for your comment. It sounds like you are well on track to a long and successful retirement, good luck.

  2. Great calculator – not matter where you live

    Thomas Reeh

  3. I love the point that the only numbers that matter are your own. People get so bent out of shape about the statistics reported on the news when those numbers have nothing to do with their own lives. I also think those reports are dangerous because they have the potential to give people a false sense of security, or even a feeling of hopelessness that anything positive could be done. If we can stick to focusing on ourselves we’ll be a lot better off.

  4. Nice post Roger! While I do think there is an issue in regards to retirement planning in our society, I’m not an alarmist like we hear in the media. You hit the nail on the head with it going largely back to you and your own personal situation. We all have unique situations and thus should have a plan that fits that uniqueness. You may have a great retirement plan in place, but it’ll likely not fit my situation and vice versa. 🙂

    • Roger Wohlner says

      Thanks John. I think in retirement readiness like anything else, bad news sells better than good news. This was my objection to the PBS Frontline special earlier this year, The Retirement Gamble.

  5. Good tips. It’s definitely a lot easier to auto-save 401k contributions. Now that I’m maxed out though I need to figure out another way to auto-save 🙂

  6. Bill Jensen says

    I agree with the importance of insurance in the retirement plan but disagree with your basic premise of saving enough to fund retirement via instruments over which I have little control on the outcome, such as IRA’s, 401k’s, and other similar instruments. I reference the book: “Killing Sacred Cows” by Garrett Gunderson.

  7. Wonderful Calulator! This is the best one I have seen anywhere. Your blog is well written and informative, thank you so much!

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