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Looking to learn more about investing and financial planning? Whether you do it yourself or work with a financial advisor, this course from the White Coat Investor can help. Check it out and note the unconditional 7-day money back guarantee. Make this year the year you invest in yourself. Make sure you are an informed investor in today’s complex financial environment.


Check out these great courses from Investopedia, a leader in financial and investing education.


Check out Personal Capital to take control of your money, your investments and your retirement. (please click the picture below)


I read the Wall Street Journal everyday, check out this offer.


Check out Barron’s as well, always full of great investing and financial articles.


Check out TD Ameritrade. my experiences with them have always been positive. In addition to a wide range of custodian services they offer a broad no-commission ETF platform.

Blogs I read

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The Dollar Stretcher.com


Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

Canadian Finance Blog


Free From Broke


Len Penzo dot Com

Planting Money Seeds

PT Money

Personal Finance News

The Retirement Gamble Documentary 

If you haven’t seen this documentary on the PBS show Frontline, watch it here.

Financial Advice 

If you enjoy the articles here at The Chicago Financial Planner and would like to learn more about the fee-only financial advice that I provide please contact me.

NAPFA is the largest professional organization of fee-only financial advisors in the country.  Check out NAPFA’s Pursuit of a Financial Advisor guide to finding an advisor who’s right for your situation.  Also check out the Find an Advisor function on the NAPFA site to find a fee-only advisor in your area.

The Garrett Planning Network is another group of fee-only advisors who provide hourly, as needed advice.  Many Garrett members are also members of NAPFA.

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