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Recently an article entitled The Top 10 Twitter Feeds for Career Minded Advisors was published in the FINS section of the online Wall Street Journal. The article listed the top 10 Twitter feeds for financial advisors to follow. I was fortunate enough to be included in this list. I heartily recommend that anyone even remotely interested in personal finance follow the other nine folks listed.

Beyond the good natured ribbing that I am taking from some of my fellow advisors on Twitter about my new “celebrity” status, this article has made me stop and think about why financial advisors in general and me in particular are on Twitter.

I suppose the initial thought was that I would get on Twitter and clients would flock to me. That hasn’t happened and I think most other advisors on Twitter have had the same experience. However I think Twitter is a very worthwhile tool for several reasons:

I have met (in person and online) a number of fellow financial advisors from whose Tweets (posts for you non-Twitter users) I learn something new every day. Whether from their blogs or article links Twitter is a great source of information. Additionally I feel that I have greatly expanded my network of experts to whom I can turn with questions in areas where I may not have the direct expertise.

I do think Twitter is an excellent PR tool and I feel that my name is out there much more than it was when I first signed onto Twitter this past April.

Twitter allows you to follow and participate in the “conversation” about any number of topics. I am particularly interested in the Fiduciary movement; 401(k) plans, investing, and financial planning. Twitter is filled with information about thousands of topics and companies, plus politics, entertainment, culture, and sports to name a few.

As a financial advisor I am always careful not to recommend specific investment vehicles or courses of action. Twitter to me is just not a medium to provide specific advice. Financial advice is best given in a one-on-one situation, each client and their situation is different.

Lastly let me share some of the folks that I follow in addition to those listed in the article above. Some are fellow financial types, some not. This is a Twitter idea inspired by Gini Dietrich ginidietrich a Twitter superstar and a bright young Chicago CEO. If you follow Gini you will move up the social media learning curve very quickly. Below is a great “Follow Friday” list:

My “Core Favorites” List

davegalanis Dave is one of the sharpest financial and business consultants I know. Dave is the one who turned me on to Twitter in the first place. We were cubicle neighbors back in the day at our first jobs out of school. Dave is a connoisseur of most foods served on a bun.
gtiadvisors Greg is into due diligence, corporate security, espionage, and also maintains a cooking recipe blog. When my daughter was traveling to Russia he indicated that he had contacts that could be of help if she found herself in a bad situation, Greg is a great guy to know.
IKE_DEVJI Ike is an attorney and advisor focusing on asset protection. Really knows his stuff.
venturepopulist Jeff is a private equity and hedge fund guy with some interesting opinions on investing.
dgvelaw Danielle is the mother of three, a really sharp estate planning attorney, plus she is a Packer fan by marriage.

Other folks I suggest following listed by Twitter name


If you are new to Twitter or have been on for awhile, this list plus the folks listed in the article are a great group to follow.

There are many other people and organizations that I enjoy following on Twitter as well. One tip that helped me early on was to look at the followers and those followed by the people I was following. I still do this to this day. The new Twitter list function is another way to do this as well.

Check out Twitter and join the conversation. You’ll meet some interesting people and you might learn something in the process.

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  1. Roger,

    Nice post. Thanks for your compliment in including me on your list. I always enjoy our exchanges.

  2. Thank you Susan. I always read your posts and value the insights you provide.

  3. Roger,

    Great post! I joined & use Twitter similar to what you wrote. I've learned a lot from you so far!


  4. Thanks Russell really appreciate your comment. I think we are all trying to figure the whole social media thing out.

  5. I love that you're doing this list! It really allows people to engage with others, rather than just have a ton of followers without conversation.

    I found a few new people to follow – thank you!
    And thanks for including me as the genesis of your idea.

  6. Gini, thank you for your comment. Glad that you found a few new folks to follow. One benefit of Twitter is the ability to tap into the wisdom of other folks like these.

    I've always enjoyed your version of Follow Friday so I thought that I would borrow for this post. Your tweets and posts have provided a great education for me in the use of social media. You are an essential person to follow for anyone who wants to be a more effective user of social media.

  7. It's an honor to be included in your list and, again, kudos for your top-rank in the WSJ article. Incidentally, like Gini, I'm always looking for the right folks to follow. Your advice and recommendation goes a long way with me.

  8. This is a really interesting post – We have recently written a couple articles at Financial-Planning.com on the subject of social media for Financial Planners. (I'm going to put the links below – but I assure you I am not just spam, so feel free to email me at matt.ackermann@sourcemedia.com if you have more questions)



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  9. I am just so glad to finally found this kind of post that I can share to all my friends. I am sure that this going to be a big for us in terms of financial management.

  10. Thanks for your comment and for visiting the site.

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  12. Ranganath thanks for your comment

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