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  1. Hello Roger,
    I follow and enjoy the content you produce. Here are some minor comments regarding employee benefit choices.
    The most overlooked, yet most valuable, health plan provision is the (poorly named) ‘annual out of pocket maximum’…what would be better called ‘your ultra protection’ (although some ‘copays’ – another stupid term – are not covered by this ‘maximum’). This is one of the last remaining ‘insurance’ aspects of health plans.
    The FSAs and HSAs are actually ‘tax free’ when used for covered expenses…unlike 401ks that are ‘pre-tax’.
    AD&D is like ‘cancer insurance’… having to die, become injured or get sick in a specific manner is not a smart way to buy coverage.
    Disability coverage is a form of human capital insurance…especially needed for people who admit they live paycheck to paycheck.

  2. My company is kind of weird, benefits start and end in March, and it’s a little disorganized so we only have about a week to go through all the materials and decide.

    There is no FSA, so I’m not sure if it really matters. Just different than basically everyone else I’ve ever heard of.

    • Roger Wohlner says

      Thanks for the comment. That is a bit unusual, maybe its tied to some sort of fiscal year. A week is a very short amount of time for employees to review and absorb a benefits program, especially if there are changes year to year.


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