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Friday Finance Links October 19, 2012


The Packers did a number on Houston last Sunday night; let’s hope they can keep it up against the Rams.  On Saturday we 08FTB UNM 2167root for USC, Northwestern, Northern Illinois, and whoever is playing Notre Dame.  So this week it’s go Brigham Young.

Here are some articles and blog posts that I suggest for your weekend personal finance reading:  

Personal Finance Blogs

Peter Anderson describes The Three Fund Portfolio: A Simple Diversified Investing Strategy at Bible Money Matters.

J.P. outlines The Best Reasons to Sell a Stock  at Novel Investor.

Joe describes a Roth Conversion Math Fail at Roth Mania.

Barb tells us to Save for Retirement Now at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.

Glen offers 5 Tips for Helping You Stick with Your Investment Strategy at Free From Broke.

Posts from Fellow NAPFA members

Lon Jeffries wrote Short Sale vs. Foreclosure at figuide.com.

Carolyn McClanahan wrote A Binder Full of Women And Why They Need Health Reform at Forbes.com.

Jim Blankenship guides us in Understanding Your Credit Score at figuide.com.

Other articles from around the web

Christine Benz shares Best Practices for Health Savings Accounts at Morningstar.com

Also at Morningstar.com Morningstar Names Best 529 College-Savings Plans for 2012.

Ian Salisbury tells us there is A price-cutting war in your 401(k) at marketwatch.com.

I took a week off from blogging for the US News Smarter Investor blog but here is a link to my author page where you can check out my past contributions.

Shout Out To: 

Josh Brown who announced that last Monday’s The Good Leads  post would be his last for the Wall Street Journal.  Josh has featured several posts from this blog and I really appreciate his support, as well as the great content links he has provided on a daily basis.  Josh is a regular contributor on CNBC and I really enjoy his blog The Reformed Broker.  I’m sure we will hear much more from Josh, his voice lends a great perspective to the financial world.

Here’s wishing everyone a great weekend.  

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