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Money Conversations – Caring for Aging Parents

Thanks to Cheryl J. Sherrard, CFP®, NAPFA Registered Advisor and Director of Planning for Clearview Wealth Management in Charlotte, NC for contributing this post.   This post is a follow-up to my recent post Family Financial Conversations and … [Continue reading]

Family Financial Conversations

Intra-Family 2014 Family Discussion Infographic 06.26.14 FINAL

Family financial conversations dealing with retirement, estate planning, elder care issues and other important financial matters between parents and adult children can be difficult at best.  A recent article by Fidelity highlighted some of the key … [Continue reading]

Time for a Mid-Year Financial Review

It’s hard to believe that the first half of the year has come and gone already.  We enjoyed having all three of our adult children home over the holiday weekend. Mid-year is always a good time for a financial review and 2014 is no exception.  … [Continue reading]

Dangerous Myths About Asset Protection

This is post was written by Ike Devji, a Phoenix, AZ-based asset protection attorney and one of my oldest online friends.  I have spoken with Ike many times for advice on client asset protection issues and had the pleasure of meeting him in person … [Continue reading]

401(k) Loans by the Numbers


The topic of borrowing from one’s 401(k) account is always a bit controversial.  Regardless of your view, the folks at TIAA-CREF have compiled some interesting data on 401(k) loans. Key findings about 401(k) loans  In their study of 401(k) … [Continue reading]

Indexed Annuities – Pros and Cons

A recent article by Investment News’ outstanding insurance and retirement products reporter Darla Marcado discussed the increased popularity of indexed annuity products (link may require free registration) among registered reps.  The zealousness … [Continue reading]

Financial Advice and Mini Bottles of Liquor

Regular readers here know that the inspiration for some of my blog posts comes from non-financial sources such as youth soccer fields and the Rolling Stones.  In that spirit the idea for this post popped into my head while waiting in line to pay for … [Continue reading]

What I’m Reading – Triple Crown Edition

The Belmont Stakes offers the chance for California Chrome to become horse racing’s first Triple Crown winner since 1978.  Win or lose he is destined for nice life after racing as he will surely command enormous stud fees that will enrich his … [Continue reading]