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Is Fear the Ultimate Financial Sales Tool?

If you are like me you may have noticed a preponderance of TV and radio ads where fear is used to pitch various financial products.  If seems that these are overwhelmingly from providers of products such as annuities, insurance or other commissioned … [Continue reading]

3 Considerations When Opening an IRA Account

As we head toward April 15 it is now high IRA season for the major brokerage and financial services firms.   You will undoubtedly see many TV commercials and ads by these firms touting the benefits of opening an IRA with their firm.  Here are 3 … [Continue reading]

Year-End 401(k) Matching – A Good Thing?

AOL’s recent announcement that they were moving to a year-end once per year match on their 401(k) plan has sparked a lot of discussion on this issue.  AOL subsequently rescinded this change due to the public relations disaster caused by the … [Continue reading]

Retirement: Will You Outlive Your Money?

If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you may have noticed several new Ameriprise Financial commercials with their star pitchman Tommy Lee Jones.  One commercial asks the question on the mind of many folks looking to retire:  [Tweet "Will I … [Continue reading]

Target Date Funds: Does the Glide Path Matter?

Most Target Date Funds are funds of the mutual funds of the fund family offering the TDF.  The pitch is to invest in the fund with a target date closest to your projected retirement date and “… we’ll do the rest….”  A key element of … [Continue reading]

The Super Bowl and Your Investments

It’s Super Bowl time and once again my beloved Packers are not playing.  At least they beat the hated Bears to make the playoffs.  Every year the Super Bowl Indicator is resurrected as a forecasting tool for the stock market. This indicator … [Continue reading]

Shake-Up at PIMco – Should Investors Care?

The big news in the mutual fund world this past week was the announcement that PIMco Co-Chairman Mohamed El-Erian will be resigning from the firm effective in March.  El-Erian is a frequent guest on CNBC and a really smart guy.  This has been a … [Continue reading]

Six Things Your Divorce Attorney May Not Tell You

This post was written by fee-only financial advisor Michelle Fait. You may think coming to terms in your settlement puts the work of your divorce behind you.   The good news is, for the most part that’s true.  But before you pay that final … [Continue reading]

Annuities On Trial! Is Your Annuity Guilty or Not Guilty?

You have to love financial services marketers.  The title of this blog post is actually the headline on an invitation that I recently received to a dinner session on annuities.  You can’t make this stuff up.  While this seminar invitation may be … [Continue reading]