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Do I Own Too Many Mutual Funds?

In one form or another I’ve been asked by several readers “… do I own too many mutual funds?”  In several cases the question was prompted by the number of mutual fund holdings in brokerage accounts with major brokerage firms including … [Continue reading]

What is a Hedge Fund?

The term hedge fund is used often in the financial press.  I suspect, however, that many investors do not really know what a hedge fund is.         Investopedia defines a hedge fund as follows: “An … [Continue reading]

What I’m Reading – Winter Chill Edition

It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend and it's really cold out.  For the next week we are supposed to be in the “deep freeze” so to speak.  Our friends in the Boston area are supposed to get slammed with even more snow.  We will be spending … [Continue reading]

Why Using Home Equity to Invest in the Stock Market is a Bad Idea

Not that I needed one but an email newsletter that I received from attorney Dale Ledbetter recently served as an excellent reminder what a poor idea using home equity to invest in stocks really is.  From his email: “Strong stock market … [Continue reading]

7 Tips to Become a 401(k) Millionaire

According to Fidelity, the average balance of 401(k) plan participants grew to a record high of $91,300 at the end of 2014.  This data is from plans using the Fidelity platform. According to Fidelity about 72,000 participants had a balance of $1 … [Continue reading]

Robo Advisors – A Brave New World?

The piece below is written by Doug Dahmer and originally appeared under the title “Robo-Advisors” – rise of the machines on Jon Chevreau’s site Financial Independence Hub.  Jon is at the forefront of a movement he calls “Findependence.” … [Continue reading]