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Open Enrollment Exploring Your Employee Benefits

This post was written by Katie Brewer, CFP®.  Young, smart financial planners like Katie bode well for the future of the financial planning profession. Her bio and contact information are provided at the end of the post. This post is timely for those … [Continue reading]

Smart Beta ETFs the Next Big Thing?

For those of us involved in financial services it is hard to check your Twitter stream or visit an industry website without seeing the term smart beta. ETF providers have really taken to this trend and have introduced many new ETFs based on some … [Continue reading]

Discover the Secret to Living Tax-Free in Retirement

On those rare occasions that I develop writer’s block in terms of what to write about here the financial services industry seems to bail me out. Case in point the invitation to a “Private Taxation Workshop” (versus just a plain old seminar) I … [Continue reading]

Six Reasons Small Businesses Should Offer a 401(k) Plan

The statistics on the number of American workers not covered by a workplace retirement plan like a 401(k) are sobering. According to a 2011 survey just over half of all American workers had access to a workplace retirement plan. Sadly all too … [Continue reading]

What I’m Reading – Super Bowl I Rematch Edition

This week’s Monday Night Football match-up features my Green Bay Packers hosting the Kansas City Chiefs at beautiful Lambeau Field. This is a rematch of the first Super Bowl (actually called the NFL-AFL Championship) played in the LA Coliseum … [Continue reading]

Should You Wait Until Age 70 to Collect Social Security?

This post was written by financial planner Daniel Zajac.  The decision to start or delay Social Security is a big one, one that may materially impact retirement success or failure. Because it is so important to retirement success, it bothers me … [Continue reading]

American’s Attitudes About Their Money

Americans have varying attitudes about their money. The infographic below sheds light on our attitutudes about our finances across various demographic lines including age and income level. Please take a look and see how your attitudes about your … [Continue reading]

What I’m Reading – NFL 2015 Season Opener Edition

I write this on a sad date, September 11. The morning of September 11, 2001 I was waking up in a hotel room in Clinton, IA and would be doing an employee benefits seminar for Ernst & Young later in the day. The first plane hit the tower and the … [Continue reading]

Financial Planning Steps for the rest of 2015

Labor Day is here and the college football season started with our local Big 10 team Northwestern scoring an upset win over a ranked Stanford team. Next weekend is the first full weekend of NFL football with my Green Bay Packers visiting Soldier … [Continue reading]