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Friday Links for July 20, 2012


As you might recall a week ago at this time I was preparing to attend the Barry Manilow concert at the Chicago Theater.  Barry put on a great show.  I liken the experience to Woodstock for middle-aged suburban housewives.

It’s Friday again in Chicago, we’ve actually had some significant rainfall and a bit of a break in the extreme heat.   Here are some articles and blog posts that I suggest for your weekend personal finance reading:

Personal Finance Blogs

Zombie Attack!  Giving the Axe to Zombie Accounts, Subscriptions, and Services  is an excellent post that suggests we all go through and eliminate all of those unused or unneeded accounts, services, and subscriptions that we all have as a way to save money and unclutter our lives via Bible Money Matters

Check out Kay Bell’s post Want Your Portfolio to Perform Better?  Put a Democrat in the Oval Office  which offers an interesting look at how the stock market has fared under the watch of both parties at Don’t Mess With Taxes.

Posts from Fellow NAPFA members

The Difference Between IRA Contributions and Rollovers can be confusing.   My friend Jim Blankenship does an excellent job of explaining this important distinction.

In Selling a House – What I Learned Danielle Schultz provides an excellent account of the trials and tribulations of selling her father’s house along with some sound advice for anyone looking to sell their home.

Other articles from around the web

Robert Powell tells us why With rates low, it pays to delay Social Security at MarketWatch.com.

Emily Brandon shares 10 Things You Should Know About Your 401(k) Plan   at US News.com.

In case you missed it, here is a link to my latest How Not to Pick a Mutual Fund for the US News Smarter Investor Blog.

No big plans this weekend, our middle one will be home, she is sub-leasing over in Evanston for the summer.  We may catch a movie.  Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned.




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  1. First of all, I love Barry Manilow (much to my spouses chagrin 🙂 ). I bet the concert was great. Next, I look forward to checking out the Roth article, sounds quite informative. Hope to see you in Denver.

    • Roger Wohlner says:

      Thanks Barb. September is a very busy month for me, will try to make it to Denver and would certainly look forward to reconnecting with you.

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