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Friday Finance Links September 21, 2012


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Greetings from the Twin Cities.  I’m on a two day road trip to attend our NAPFA Mix Group meeting.  A Mix Group is actually a study group of fellow fee-only financial advisors.  This is our semi-annual face-to-face meeting where we discuss various financial planning issues including investments, industry issues, and practice management issues.  This group has provided me with many great ideas that I have incorporated into my practice over the years.  I find them this group to be an invaluable resource in my quest to provide the best advice and service to my clients.

Here are some articles and blog posts that I suggest for your weekend personal finance reading: 

Personal Finance Blogs

Barbara Friedberg discusses Fidelity’s New Retirement Savings Guidelines at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.

Miranda tells us about 5 Mistakes That Kill Your Financial Aid Award at Bargaineering.

Matthew shows urges us to Save More for Retirement: 5 Easy Steps to Great Financial Security at Len Penzo.com.

Darwin says that The 401(k) is a Beautiful Thing So Stop Bashing It at Darwin’s Money.

Posts from Fellow NAPFA members

Jim Blankenship offers A Social Security Option Strictly For Divorced Folks at Figuide.com.

Claire Emory reveals a Solid Financial Planning vs. “Magical Thinking” at FiGuide.com. 

Other articles from around the web

Christine Benz shows us Best Practices for Bucketed Retirement Portfolios at Morningstar.com

Dan Solin exposes The Great Hedge Fund Myth  at US News.com.

Ian Salisbury cautions Buyer beware on levered ETFs at marketwatch.com.

In case you missed it here is my latest contribution to the US News Smarter Investor blog Rough Waters Ahead For Bond Funds? 

Here’s wishing everyone a great weekend.  

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