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  1. I think winter is soon upon us in Omaha as well. It was 80 on Tuesday and today they’re calling for 40 with 20 mph winds. I want fall back! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • Roger Wohlner says:

      It got down into the 30s here overnight, isn’t supposed to get much over 50 over the weekend. By the way I was born in Omaha, haven’t back back since I was about one. We moved to Milwaukee which is where I grew up and mostly lived until we moved to the Chicago area for good in 1986. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for the mention Roger. I don’t know Fahrenheit but it’s bee pretty cold the past couple weeks up here in Vancouver. In my post today I was just mentioning how we seemed to have skipped fall.

    • Roger Wohlner says:

      You’re welcome enjoyed the article. Regardless of how you measure, it’s getting too cold too early. The weather pattern really seems to be changing over the course of the year.

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