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Friday Finance Links October 12, 2012


Early season “do or die” game for the Packers on Sunday.  We will be heading up to visit our son at Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois UniversityUniversity tomorrow for their Homecoming game.

Here are some articles and blog posts that I suggest for your weekend personal finance reading:  

Personal Finance Blogs

Glen writes Credit Card Fees: Eroding Your Wealth at Credit Card Smarts.

Carrie outlines 5 Crucial Financial Steps To Take When Getting A Divorce at Careful Cents.

Miranda Marquit tells us What is an ETF and How Does it Work? at Excess Return.

Ken Faulkenberry provides some great explanations in Investment Vehicles: Individual Stocks and Bonds, Mutual Funds, or ETFs at AAAMP Blog.

Posts from Fellow NAPFA members

Jim Blankenship explains The Value Of Social Security Benefits at figuide.com.

Eve Kaplan wrote Retirement Spoiler: When Things Don’t Go As Planned at Forbes.com.

Other articles from around the web

Ian Salisbury tells us about Class warfare in your 401(k) at marketwatch.com

Philip Moeller takes A Closer Look at America’s Aging Workforce at usnews.com

Robert Russell discusses An Escape Plan for Your Variable Annuity? at usnews.com

In case you missed it here is my latest contribution to the US News Smarter Investor blog Are You Making the Most of Your 401(k)? 

Thank You To: 

Josh Brown for including my post on the extra cost of actively managed mutual funds in his The Good Leads post on Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal.

Colin at Humble Savers for including my guest post 5 Steps On The Road To Financial Freedom.

Veronica Dagher for quoting me in Five Big Mistakes Mutual-Fund Investors Make in this past Sunday’s Wall Street Journal.

Here’s wishing everyone a great weekend.  

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  1. Thanks for including me in this weeks Friday Finance Links!

  2. Thanks for the mention Roger! Have a great time at Homecoming.

    • Roger Wohlner says:

      Thanks Glen. Looks like rain may forgo the game and just visit our son. Thankfully the school is only about an hour away.

  3. Thanks for including my post in your roundup Roger, and for leaving a comment on my blog! I really appreciate it. Great to connect with you!

  4. Kevin Williams says:

    Great list of resources. I will certainly have to share this list and your website.

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