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Friday Finance Links December 14, 2012


Glad to have our two youngest children home for a few weeks from college, looking forward to our oldest arriving next Friday from L.A.


The rematch between the Packers  and the hated Bears is upon us.  Let’s hope the Packers continue to roll and for the sake of my Bear fan friends this game hastens Coach Smith’s departure as I discussed in my last post here on the blog.

Here is some great weekend financial reading:

Personal Finance Blogs  

Emily tells us about Gift Card Scams and Frauds to Watch Out For in a guest post at Cash Money Life.

Ken explains How to Avoid Value Traps at AAAMP Blog.

John shows us the First Steps to Investing in the Stock Market at Frugal Rules.

Barb explains that More Education Leads to Higher Pay at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.

Posts from Fellow NAPFA Members  

Cathy Curtis offers A Financial English Primer at Figuide.com.

Alan Moore answers 6 Questions About Umbrella Insurance at Figuide.com.  

Other financial articles from around the web 

Christine Benz discusses Is an Annuity Right for You? at morningstar.com.

Andrea Coombes explains Retirement fears rise among older workers at marketwatch.com

Gary Foreman reveals 6 Things Starbuck’s $7 Palmilera Coffee Can Tell You About Your Friend’s Finances at usnews.com

In case you missed it here is my latest post for the US News Smarter Investor Blog How to Pick a Financial Adviser.

Here’s wishing everyone a great weekend.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention Roger! Hope you have a great time with your kids all in town. My Dad’s whole side of the family is coming for Christmas next Sunday and are staying with us. I am going to do my best to not go all Clark Griswold on them! Have a great weekend Roger.

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