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What I’m Reading – NFL Training Camp Edition


Training camp is in full swing for the teams in the NFL which means the start of football is only about a month away.  I enjoyed the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the huge win in the Stanley Cup finals for our Blackhawks and certainly the great performance by our women in winning soccer’s World Cup.  However football is the end all be all for me in terms of sports.

I love the college game but as regular readers here know I am a lifelong and diehard fan of the America’s team, the Green Bay Packers.  Let’s hope the defense holds up this season and they can shake off their collapse in the NFC title game and go on to return the Lombardi Trophy to its rightful home.

Here are a few articles I suggest for some good financial reading:

Robert Powell writes The secret to a happier, healthier life?  Just retire at Market Watch.

Barbara Friedberg shares The Dark side of High Yield Investing at US News.

Dan Caplinger discusses Why a 401(k) Match Matters More Than You Think at The Motley Fool.

Michelle Singletary asks There is a retirement storm coming.  Are you prepared? at The Washington Post.

Sterling Raskie shares How to Interview Your (Potential) Financial Advisor at Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row.

Lisa Hay urges retirees to Have a plan when tailoring retirement draws to your income at Market Watch.

Have a great week.  As I requested in my last post What Should I Write About? please contact me regarding any financial topics that you would like to see covered as well as any questions or comments you might have about the blog.  

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